Body painting is a unique form of art, temporary in its existence. Alongside performance and video, a hologram is a superb way to document the impermanence of a body painting, preserving it in 3D.

Holography, like analog photography, is not digital. It requires the exposure of light on a photosensitive film to capture an image followed by traditional development in a darkroom. Holography is completely old school in its nature, entirely hand made, and, if you will, pure.

The body painting, tells the model's story. Sylva is a muse regarded with love, hate, joy, envy, as well as hope. The white rose reflects a similar conflict with its beauty; petals and thorns, upon a mother of pearl clamshell --both representing purity. A pure beauty is revealed; one that is almost untouchable and etherial. It becomes an aesthetic that reaches beyond the physical. Sylva is a true to life siren, she radiates beauty and possesses an eccentric magnetism that people from all walks of life sense. Sylva has a genuinely adventurous spirit and has experienced things that ordinary people might fear and has done things that ordinary people would never do. She is unquestionably honest, loyal, fearless, shameless, and beautiful. She represents the things most strive to be.

The hologram combines the white rose, mother of pearl, Sylva and her regal posture, but also contains painted versions of traditional sculptural fig leaves. One virtually conceals her nudity while the other falls gently away with conceptual purpose signifying the taboo struggles of body painting and nudity.

The hologram will be placed in galleries throughout the United States. So keep an eye out, or sign up for the mailing list below to be notified if it arrives in your area.

The final 14" x 18" hologram is limited to 13 copies (only 2 left, current price $3200.00). Please email [email protected] if you are interested in owning one of the remaining limited edition holograms.

Currently on display at:

Manhattan Beach Art Center in Manhattan beach, California (Opens July 26)
Arch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia
Center for Holographic Arts in New York City

Previously Exhibited:

ShockBoxx Gallery in Hermosa Beach, CA
Resin Gallery in Hermosa Beach, CA
Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, CA
SOHO Design House Los Angeles, CA
Las Laguna Gallery Laguna Beach,CA
RISD-Woods Gerry Gallery Providence, RI
DAB ART Gallery Ventura,CA
Exact Science Gallery Hollywood, CA
Skin City Gallery Las Vegas
SoWa Boston, MA
Mad Dog Gallery Pawtucket, RI
Pawtucket Arts Collaborative, RI
Adult Night IV, N. Attleboro, MA
Kryolan San Francisco, CA
Center for the Arts, Kingstown, RI
Fountain Art Fair New York, NY
AS220 Providence, RI